Meat Machine Cycles Moves

Bigger, Better, Faster!

It was a year ago that Seth finished renovating his tiny space in Surina Business Park and opened the doors on his new business – Meat Machine Cycles.

Over the course of the next 8 months Seth discovered what it meant to be a start up and he began to realize the value in a turnkey business. But as the summer went by and fall came, he realized just how busy he was; just how full his space was. It was clear that if he was to properly serve the needs of the local community and visitors, he needed to move out into a bigger space, with better exposure.
new meat machine cycles shop location

Seth says support of this community has been tremendous to say the least. Not only did locals give Meat Machine Cycles their business, they gave him advice and friendship, and many of the local folk gave him their backs during the move.

Seth will remain committed to offering exemplary service to everyone who walks through his doors, visitors and locals alike.

Meat Machine Cycles
22 web st. with frontage on ‘A’ St.
Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, WA.