What is the Guide about and who running this thing?

GuideToSanJuans.com is a directory that is curated and maintained by two Islanders who have been working, living and playing in the San Juan Islands for over 21 years.

Chris & Melonie have also served as board members of the San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce and the San Juan Island Visitors Bureau. Why would this matter? Because we’ve seen businesses come and go through the years and we know the businesses listed in this guide have proven themselves as being among the best in the islands. These are the places we recommend when our own family and friends visit the islands.

We’ve also served on the board of the Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehab Center as well as worked with various local, county and state non-profits to the benefit of our local communities.

So if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Whether it’s for recommendation, questions about the weather or what our favorite colors are, drop us a line.